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Super Bright Sensor Cleaning Combo B  

VisibleDust is proud to offer the ultimate combo package for the detection and removal of debris from your DSLR sensor.

The Quasar™ Plus Sensor Loupe®, with its 7x K9 lens and array of 6 powerful LEDs is the perfect tool for locating dust on your sensor. Quasar® Plus comes with a 52 mm metal ring to attach filters and close-up lenses for higher contrast and magnification.

Removal of any contaminants has never been easier than with the Arctic Butterfly® 724 (Super Bright) with its SCF technology that draws dust to the bristles away from the sensor and also Now equipped with 2 super bright LEDs. Within minutes you can detect and remove dust so your images are free from unwanted spots.

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Avoid bringing Arctic Butterfly fibers in contact with Chamber area.
In case contaminations please refer to our instruction
“How to clean smear”.
* Colour may vary
* Try to accomodate requested color of item on shipping
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