What is SCF?

SCF is an acronym for Super Charged Fibers and it is the name that VisibleDust has given to the technology it developed when creating the special fibers used in its Sensor Brush® and its successor, the Arctic Butterfly®(Super Bright).

What is different about SCF fibers?

These specially formed fibers are constructed from specific polyamides that have inherent electrostatic charge build-up capabilities. The bristles are then chemically treated to enhance the electrostatic charge build-up capabilities. Furthermore, the bristles are put through an ionization treatment to reinforce the electrostatic charge build-up capabilities. Finally, the bristles are cured by heating them at a particular temperature to prevent any residue being left behind and to enhance stability.

What does this mean to me?

In not-so-techno-speak: The bristles hold an electric charge. Water molecules adhere to the bristles over time, neutralizing the charges. The spinning action causes the water molecules to be cast off of the bristles, re-establishing the charge over the bristles. The charge draws the dust away from the sensor onto the bristles. The spinning action after drawing the dust away and removing the brush head from the camera body is then used to cast the dust off of the bristles, leaving it clean for its next use.